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Small Business Behind The Scenes


small business packaging process

Running your own small business takes dedication to small repetitive tasks, something I find oddly satisfying (thankfully). My business is small enough right now that I don't have to outsource fulfilling / shipping sticker orders so this gives me a chance to look at all of them.

On every single order that goes out I put a thank you note. So I've written hundreds of little thank you's over the last 2 years because I truly am thankful people appreciate & buy these small pieces of art. This also gives me a chance to stand up and move around the small room I call an office (10' x 10'). 

I like seeing where the stickers are going and what people order. Fulfilling orders brings my own since of fulfillment through the daily dedication to shipping. The above it a little peak of what that process looks like. Thank you for all the holiday orders I really appreciate it! 

Music - Jurrasic 5 - Canto De Ossanha 

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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