Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Silkscreen Stickers

Artist Forward

We strive to be an artist forward company. Lots of brands tend to leave out credit to the illustrators they commissioned for work on a specific product. As we are greatly dependent on their talents, we promote the artists as much as possible to ensure they get the credit because our ideas would be just ideas without them. You'll notice credit to them on every sticker, on the website, and in social posts. Their vision greatly guides the design process as well.


Most designs here are original commissions, starting out as text attempting to convey the idea and include a few very crude stick figure drawings. After collaborating with the artist on different drafts, those words and simple drawings turn into beautiful illustrations like the sticker example below Among The Pines by artist Cody Weiler.

It's a beautiful process when you let the truly creative person in the group do what they're best at with a bit of direction. By working with a collective of different artists with different strengths and giving them room to direct the process, we're able to produce an ascetically wide-ranging collection of high-caliber designs.