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Utah Stickers completed! And more failure of course...

Utah Stickers completed! And more failure of course...

failure in business is crucial

What a wild ride the last few months have been. It has been dumping snow over the SouthWest which has made focusing on this small business harder.  We want to get our shred on but we also need to pay the bills so it's a balancing act as usual between play and work. And business as usual means failing lots more.

The Kickstarter for the Utah Sticker Art designs was a monetary flop only raising around 10% of the goal but as usual lots of lessons learned. The biggest - there just isn't much urgency in buying stickers. Regardless we used our own savings to invest in printing all the Utah stickers since we absolutely love Utah and just know people out there feel the same way. 

We made a few Delicate Arch stickers as it's simply one of the most magnificent features in nature you'll ever see. We continued the Camp Cup series with the camping in Moab Sticker which I think captures the feeling of camping out in the solitary desert quite well. And of course the Explore Utah sticker is simple and iconic. It's a bit smaller than our usual size, only around 2" tall but still 4.75" long. 

arches sticker moab 

Two of our new favorites have to be the VanLife sticker and Indian Creek Rock Climbing sticker. We spend a lot of time car camping and in Indian Creek and personally felt like these activities and places are often over looked in the world of stickers. We're pumped to create such niched sticker design for things like rock climbing and vanlife. Many more rad Utah sticker designs are available, go scope them out!

van life sticker rock climbing sticker, indian creek

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