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The Process, Inspiration and UTAH!


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STOKE LEVEL IS RISING. Scope the below sneak peak drafts of the first Sticker Art designs for Utah! Come October we will be launching a KickStarter to bring these designs and a bunch more Utah inspired stickers to life. We're also collaborating with a studio on the East Coast who are experts at creating laser etched art pieces which we'll launching with that Utah Kickstarter - more on that soon. For now, enjoy these drafts of Angels Landing Zion and Delicate Arch! 

The first step in creating a sticker for us is adventure and an open mind. These stickers exist only because the landscape is here to show us the way and the people we hang out with are stoked on pursuing our common passions. When we come home after a morning of hiking on a sweet ridge line like we did yesterday as seen in the video below, our creativity levels are highly increased. It's hard to explain but being outside is as productive in the long term as sitting here in front the computer, if not more. Being outside is a catalyst for creativity and idea generation. 

Once the outdoor world provides me with the inspiration for a sticker concept I collect a group of pictures that conveys the visual perspective, occasionally a very crude awful drawing of my own, a bunch of text direction that correlates with the pictures (think mood board here) - and send all this to the artist that best matches the concept. Once that's done I receive rough drafts like the Utah ones above and then artists like Kayla Edgar pretty much take it from there and blow it out of the water! Below is a sweet and short time-lapse of her designing the new Ski sticker and the Car Camping sticker. 

Without the willingness of great friends to put up with my picture taking and throwing idea's off of daily Sticker Art would likely never of happened or at least not to this point. It's incredibly important (seriously, very very important) to be able to share daily with someone in the small successes and excitement. Some people are more involved in this (work out partners essentially) and some just help keep my stoke level high which is equally important. It helps keeps things fun and not seem like work. 

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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