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Where Is This?

It's ultimate question on Instagram and for good reason, we're always sharing only the most epic of perspectives.

Behind me, I bet there was a disgusting overused pit toilet which often coincides with these epic landscapes. Or worse, the toilet paper was strewn across the trail that nobody bothered to pack-out.

I really appreciate you even considering to ask where that picture is from and any likes or comments on our pictures. All those small actions of support are the reason we're able to be a sustainable business.

So please, don't be too terribly upset with me when I don't give you the location details of that epicness. 

Overuse of trails due to social media influencers posting specific location details is a real threat to sustainable access. Without a proper education of the landscape, it's really impossible to know sometimes if you're doing damage. Knowing you need to bury your poop 8 inches and pack out your toilet paper is obvious (usually).

But did you realize this picture below of some dirt is actually a living organism known as Cryptobiotic Soil

Aside from tree's, they are one of the main organisms that change carbon dioxide into oxygen so we can breathe. If you simply walk on this stuff it can take 50 years to repair itself, if ever.


So for the fact that we aren't fully educating you on this stuff and it's just too easy to simply ask where something is - you should be getting out there and talking to people in person. 

Exploring, getting lost, getting found, talking to locals to find out where the epicness is - that's where the real magic happens. That's where the best memories come from.

I hope you can use our posts as inspiration to pursue adventures in a specific type of landscape you're drawn to. It won't matter if this beautiful blue lake is the exact one you end up at, wherever you go will be beautiful and epic in it's own unique way.

- Bryant