Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Silkscreen Stickers

Questions? We may have the answers...

What size are the stickers?
They are all around 4”x 4” - perfect for water bottles, mugs, laptops and just large enough to be seen on a car.

Can I really put them anywhere - like on my llama?
YES. These stickers have 3 layers of UV protection, aggressive adhesive, and made from silk screened vinyl so they are heavy and thick. Put them on anywhere you like outdoors or in, on your llama or truck. Whatever floats your boat.

Will you be making stickers for other areas?
YES YES YES! We started this sticky revolution in Colorado but are quickly creating illustrations for more area's of the United States that inspire us. Stay tuned!


Why the 6 sticker minimum?
We really want you to be able to pick and choose exactly which designs you want even if you can’t make it to the retail locations who sell the individual stickers. Since there's only 2 of us fulfilling orders we must strive to strike a balance of time spent packaging and time spent on the business itself creating new illustrations. Fulfilling anything less than 6 stickers just isn’t economical use of our time right now and the ship charge would be quite high for such a low priced item. 

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Do you manufacture in the USA? YUP!