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Wiggle / Walk even when it's raining


daily movement increases health

Walk, wiggle and move every damn day for 30 minutes at a minimum. I've been doing this for a few years and rarely miss a day except for injury. Sometimes wiggling means shoveling the driveway. Sometimes you start on a hike when it's raining and the trail is nothing but an icy slush fest and then it turns into a wintery wonder land like....

I've noticed significant creativity and moral boosts from walking. Most of the stickers you see on this site were thought of while in motion of some sort. There's a bunch of long gone famous thinkers that did the same around their towns and city streets daily. It's a the most effective habit I've found to help appreciate the life around me more too. 

When you're contemplating whether to take that walk because it'll be too cold or whatever excuse you have, you don't know until you go. More often than not your way happier you went and realized it wasn't that cold and you were that tired. So go! 

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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