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coolest internet shit this week

Podcast: One swab of a cheek and two very different people have a huge effect on thousands of souls in equally different ways. Radiolab crushing it again. 

Morning Tea: this is the best black tea (Golden Yunan) for the price I have found. Put a couple hefty pinches into this metal french press and pour 200-degree water in, steep for 2minutes. Basically just boil water, let it sit for a minute, then pour. 

Great Book: The Big Burn is the true story of the largest wildfire ever to hit the United States at the time of Teddy Rosevelt in the early 1900's and how it has come to define our public lands.

Tunes To Work To: Emancipator - Seven Sea's album, can't stop listening. (SpotifyiTunes)

Watch a beautiful bison meander down a frozen road...


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  • Bryant AuCoin
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