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Short Read - A beautifully written tribute by Steve House... "Or they believe the risks he assumed were unjustifiable, yet this view is blind to the mastery, often ignorant of the years of apprenticeship. These are judgments made by people whose perspectives are unable to bend, to believe."

Podcast - Did you know every almond you've ever eaten had a single bee pollinate that individual flower that grew your almond? They even truck millions of bee's across the country to ensure millions of people have millions of almonds. 

TAKE THE PLUNGE. I take a cold plunge in water 50 degree's or colder twice a week. It "increases blood circulation, releases endorphins, and could make you a more productive human—if you can handle it." It's best life hack I've come across to increase happiness and reduce inflammation leading to better performance. Turn your shower to cold at the end if you don't have access to a cold plunge or river. 

A Short Inspirational Video..

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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