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Watch: The Alpinist on Netflix is a doc that does their best (they loose him a few times) to follow ludite Marc-André Leclerc on his journey tackling the most remote and rugged faces in the world. Beautifully filmed and with classic outtakes from Alex Honnold. You'll be sweating the majority of the time. 

Stay Caffeinated: Sumire Sencha - for the uninitiated, Sencha is the most badass green tea you can find, sourced from Japan's lush mountainsides. It's higher in qualities that energize you for longer without the adrenal dump. Steep at 176 for no longer than a minute. This one is particularly deep green and rich. 

Science Fantasy Book: each book of the Broken Earth Trilogy by Adrian Tchaikovsky was hard to put down. You feel like you're there, you feel like this could all happen and be real. It's detailed and a super fun read.

Stay Warm: this portable gas fire place is one of our favorite new pieces of gear. It puts out a surprising amount of radiant heat form the coals and well, everyone loves a smokeless fire you can turn on quickly. We've used it under tarps and regularly use it on our wooden deck with no issues. 

Bird's Aren't Real: or are they? Gen Z's were born into misinformation campaigns and they're over it. Satirical misinformation campaigns are so hot right now. 

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