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The Super Taco - this is a revolution in my taco eating which was introduced to me by taco genius Luke Mehall of the Climbing Zine one glorious evening around the campfire in Moab. Grill all your vegi / meat goodies as usual and separately spread a bunch of cheese between 2 tortillas and grill. Essentially you're just creating a quesadilla. Use this magical crispy cheesiness as your vessel of delivery. Taco's may never be the same.

super taco cheese

Electronic Music - Plaid - Unbank

Netflix - Cooked, is an awesome take on the basic elements of cooking and looking back at the history of those elements too. The episode Air is all about bread and specifically breaks down why sour dough bread is the best. Which is awesome because now I don't have to feel guilty gorging on it as usual. 

Tinder for Bears - Canadian Wildlife Crossings

Short Adventure Video:

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