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People say "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." There are a lucky few like that but I think for a lot of us it's more like "Find an opportunity, pursue it and maybe you'll learn to love the process.

I really love what I do now and the products I'm creating. People genuinely connect with Sticker Art, it brings them happiness through a simple illustration. How magical is that?
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But it wasn't always like that, Sticker Art was just a possible way out for me when I first launched. For years I failed a ton going through multiple business concepts in the hopes to quit my 9 - 5 job, each time realizing more and more the parameters of what I wanted out of a business and what I was good at. 

Then, in 2014 on an adventure trip with my future wife we stopped by a gift shop/gas station outside of Yosemite National Park. Some buddies from the East coast wanted me to buy them stickers, I had previously never purchased a single sticker in my life.

I purchased 4 very bland stickers and thought "I could do better than this." Nobody at the time was making cool outdoorsy stickers with just awesome art on it to represent our sort of adventure lifestyle.

So I dove in and worked my ass off. I was working a full-time job online at the time so I'd wake up at 6am work that till 2 pm-ish, climb/hike some, then work my new sticker business in the afternoon/evenings. I was able to quit my full-time job and run this small business, and I'm still hustling daily.

Now I get to adventure with my wife and come up with new sticker concepts, along with everything else like marketing, e-commerce website stuff, fulfillment/packaging, customer service, accounting, etc. It's still certainly 'work' at times, especially the tedious online stuff, but it feels easier and a lot more fun now. 

This didn't all start because I loved stickers.

It started because I was open to considering a variety of business concepts and finally noticed a hole in the market that fit my personality & talents. And then I jumped in. 

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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