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Keep It Flowing

Keep It Flowing

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Planet Money is one of our favorite podcasts. They take the economy and commodities and actually make them interesting. One of my favorites is on Apples, yup, apples. 

Exercise keeps your brain healthy and growing.  

"Suffering introduces you to yourself and reminds you that you are not the person you thought you were." (New York Times)

If you're a frequent Spotify user be sure to check out their Discover Weekly playlist which updates, you guessed it, weekly with a new songs based on your listening habits. It's easier than sifting through a bunch of blogs that's for sure. 

Camping peanut sauce

Due to my rough outdoor lifestyle I destroy products regularly. Tip for those like me, don't by anything Arc'teryx or you'll spend hundreds for a puffy jacket with 9 patches after 5 months. In contrast I've had my Connor hat over a year and the thing is nearly indestructible. You can ball it up and put it in your pack and it'll retain the hat shape still.

Book Suggestion : Teaming with Microbes - stop feeding your plants fertilizer and start feeding your soil. You'll have happier plants and cheaper gardening. 

Music Suggestion: The Cave Singers - Swim Club

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