Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Silkscreen Stickers

What makes these stickers different?


adventure outdoor stickers

So we're taking something incredibly simple and common place, stickers, and turning them into Sticker Art that hopefully connects and inspires you to explore your world. The illustrations on the stickers are inspired by the landscape we adventure in and designed to pass on that inspiration to those of you who rock our stickers, encouraging that daily pursuit of your passion. When we say "inspired by the landscape" we literally mean actual locations we draw inspiration from to make into stickers as seen in the squished pictures below. 

We drew inspiration from the iconic and classic rock climb Wham Ridge on Vestal peak in the San Juan Mountains to illustrate the Alpine Rock Climb sticker. 

These aren't your everyday stickers either. They are die-cut to the shape of the illustration, silk screened printed which means they are heavy in your hand and weather / U.V. proof. Since each sticker is so unique every sticker has a story of what inspired it printed on the removable backing and gives credit to the illustrator who designed it.

We're incredibly excited to make more sticker designs featuring yoga, SUP, rock climbing, National Parks, surfing...basically all the rad things in life we get stoked about. Stay tuned for tons of rad stickers! Thank you so much for your support, HERE WE GO!!!

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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