Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Silkscreen Stickers

Keep It Flowing

Keep It Flowing

Curcumin / Theracumin: most bad things that could occur in your body to keep you from crushing life start with inflammation. From your joints to your brain reducing inflammation is very beneficial for recovery and daily activity. Curcumin is found in Turmeric but in very small doses so ingesting Theracumin (a slightly different but effective form of Curcumin) will help to continue your crushage. Here's a picture of the supplement we take, I am not a doctor obviously.

Snacks: Balance is key so since we suggested a supplement above you HAVE TO try Late July Chips, they are simply amazing and will blow your mind with flavor for being so "healthy-ish"

Music: Koop Island Blues.

Cast Iron is so last week, Ceramic Pans are amazing to cook with.



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  • Bryant AuCoin
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