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What is Sticker Art?

What is Sticker Art? 0

sticker art founder bryant aucoin

exploring silverton colorado

As I’m road tripping around with my wife, friends and pup to climbing and hiking locations I look for moments that could inspire sticker designs.

Once back home in Durango I collaborate with a group of talented illustrators here in Colorado to bring those concepts to life as Sticker Art. 

camping and backpacking bumper stickers

The Sticker Art above was inspired by backpacking in the San Juan Mountains pictured below.

backpacking in the san juans

Most of the time my phone stays in my pocket on the trail or on the road (on airplane mode to avoid over connectedness & save battery life). As inspiration comes I take a few photo's of the moment and then move over to the note pad app and jot down my feelings at the time.

There's a story printed on the back of every sticker describing those feelings for the moment that's illustrated on the front. And that's where I credit the illustrator who helped design the sticker so they can garner new clients from their work. 

Each sticker is meant to share those feelings we get when exploring. To bring back the memories of that awesome route you climbed or epic backpacking adventure with a specific friend. Hopefully it also inspires people to get outside more often and keep them stoked through the work week for upcoming adventures whether in their backyard or abroad. 

snowboarding goggles frozen beard

Snowboarding in single digit temp.'s with a frozen beard at Wolf Creek, C.O. which inspired the snowboarding sticker below. 

outdoor snowboarding sticker

I'm incredibly grateful for my parents encouragement at a young age in entrepreneurial endeavors. Before I had a driver's permit I was selling boiled peanuts on the street corners of Charleston, S.C., went on to buying and selling used cars out of our front yard and had a route of candy and soda vending machines. 

My dad and I spray painted an entire El Camino jet black once and made around $200 flipping it - it was an awesome time that taught me a lot about business.

sticker rock climbing

Climbing Wham Ridge on Vestal peak (13,864 ft) above inspired the Alpine Rock Climbing sticker below.

alpine rock climbing sticker

When I got the idea for Sticker Art on a climbing trip I immediately knew of one big hurdle - I have no idea how to draw anything. Those previous entrepreneurial experiences though taught me to sell an idea well and to not be afraid of failing.

So I jumped in and contacted a few talented artists I found online and pitched them the concept via email. Luckily a few illustrators were down to help and after 6 months of toiling away on this concept after work from 5 - 9pm with them, I quite my job and went all in on stickers!

working on the road

Bryant balancing running a small business and playing outside with his dog Maybel.

The artists I work with each receive a small royalty as I sell the stickers they illustrated so we all benefit as the business grows. Sticker Art really wouldn't be possible without their talented minds to help create the illustrations that make Sticker Art what it is. 

Now I balance running this small business and get to spend way more time with my wife Emily, my friends and pup Maybel adventuring outdoors where I get even more sticker ideas. 

I love what I do and I'm incredibly grateful for all the supporters, like the small businesses who sell our stickers and those people who connect with the illustrations enough to buy a sticker. 

Our illustrations are getting better as the artists and I get the feeling of how to make the most beautiful Sticker Art. I am stoked at what is to come, like the new overhung limestone sport climbing inspired sticker I'm finally getting around to creating! - Scope out the latest designs

climbing desert towers
Bryant and his wife Emily climbing the desert tower Jah Man in Moab, Utah.