Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Silkscreen Stickers

Cool gifts for outdoorsy people! Here are 10 gift ideas outdoor lovers will geek out over.


We spend countless days in the backcountry and car camping from the mountains to the desert. We're rough on our gear and appreciate those items which stand the test of time. Here's a list of our 10 favorite things to bring along wherever the dusty roads lead. They should make the perfect affordable gift for anyone who spends time outside. 

Luci Lights ($24) - This list isn't in any particular order but when we asked our fellow outdoor-loving friends what their most loved camping item was this collapsible solar-powered light came up again and again. It's nearly indestructible, collapses down to nothing and somehow seems to always have a charge. Bringing light to your darkest tent bound nights.

camping light lucy

Darn Tough Socks ($18 - $30)They're expensive but especially with socks you very much get what you pay for. These are hands down the best socks we've ever slipped on. They keep our usually sweaty feet dry and blister-free. The Over-The-Calf ones are perfect for anyone who spends the wintertime on the slopes or touring the backcountry. 

NRS Anti-Sand Matt ($60) - A luxurious item to have while car camping or the infamous #vanlife. "Unique heavy-duty, dual-weave mesh lets grit fall through from the top, but prevents it from creeping up from underneath." Slap it down in the dirt and do some yoga on it, or put outside your sleeping area to keep sand out. The 6x6 small size is perfect.

UE Roll 2 ($60) - We use this as our house speaker just as much as we do at camp. Easily connect via BlueTooth AND it's waterproof. Reminder to be respectful of other campers nearby, it's quite loud for such a small speaker.


Buff Neck Gaitor ($20) - This is one of the most versatile little pieces of clothing we won't leave home without in the mountains. It helps keep your neck warm or your ears & head protected from those harsh mountain winds. There's a ton of ways to utilize it.

Gai GPS ($20 annual membership) - Every adventurer needs to know where they are and where they're going. The Gai App is seriously the best. As long as you download the maps when you have cell service, you can be in airplane mode and it will still pinpoint you. ProTip - scope out the overlays options, they collaborate with 3rd parties like NatGeo and other organizations to bring priceless content to your fingertips. You can also navigate the maps on your computer, we spend hours geeking out on future areas we'll be adventuring in while sitting at home. 

Kershaw RJ Pocket Knife ($46) - Everyone needs a small convenient pocket knife when camping and this is the best little pocket knife that ever was. 

Katadyn Befree Collapsible Waterfilter ($44) - Why hasn't this been a thing for longer?! This lightweight water filter is awesome. Fill it up with dirty water and squeeze out fresh safe drinking water. That's it. 


Stashers Reusable Bags ($11) - Snacks while adventuring are REQUIRED. These tough bags with very secure seals keep your food safe while you bounce around the outdoors. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

GoalZero Flip24 USB charger ($34) - This will keep your small electronics charged, usually will charge an iPhone twice. Combine this with the Gai app above to always know where you are in the backcountry.

Honorable Mention! Coal's Chuckanut Perforated Dad Hat was so popular this year it's sold out until February 2020. It's hard to find a breathable hat that fits securely and doesn't look weird. My wife and I have come to love these hats.

That's all for now! We hope you find the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Bryant AuCoin
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